Studio A
platinum winning studio for world class recording and mixing!

$90.00 per hour
$80/hr for each ten hour purchase
$900 for 24 hour lockouts
(Lockouts provide 10 hours of studio time)

All rates Include a staff recording engineer.
Studio / CD packages

Enjoy the studio where (10) Gold and Platinum Records have been recorded or mixed!

Studio A  is our  flagship studio.   An incredible upgrade has been implemented boasting more world class gear than ever before. Complete with Pro Tools HD3, a Studer 24-track analog tape deck, and just about every name brand of equipment there is, it's no wonder many national and local artists,  producers and songwriters record in Studio A.  Experience our legendary mixing and tracking expertise for yourself,  all just minutes from the Nation's Capitol.  Call for a free brochure and facility tour. 

Multi-Platinum Award Winning Recording Studio

Reflection Free Zone Acoustical Design Technology

Award Winning Engineers

30' x 35' x12' Live Main Room, 12' x 13' Drum Room, (2) Isolation Rooms

23' x 25' Spacious Control Room


Mixing and Tracking

Enjoy our "Advanced "outboard processor based mixing and tracking.  Diverse gear selection
is now the industry standard in achieving layered sounds and mixes where each instrument
is recorded through dedicated channels of expensive analog and digital audio paths.
End result?  More dynamics, tone, and focused sound for your recording and mixes.
Good hands? Having impressed many recording artists (including Roger Waters,
Sheryl Crow, Bruno Mars, Allison Krauss, and thousands of others)
you will find an amazing new sound at Cue - unique to yourself.

Audio Recorders

 Pro Tools HD3  10.2 System  with (3) Digidesign 192K I/O's

Studer A827 2" 24-Track Analog Tape Machine
Studer A807 2-Track Analog Tape Machine
Dolby SR / A  24-Rrack Noise Reduction

Pro Tools software plugins:
Bomb Factory
Waves Platinum Bundle
Massive Pak 7
HD Pak
and many, many, more...

Older, though still in demand for special sessions:

Tascam DA-88 Digital Recorder w/Sync Card (call for scheduling and rates)
Alesis ADAT XT Digital Recorder

Noise Reduction

Dolby SR-24-Track Noise Reduction System
Dolby SR/A Stereo Noise Reduction System


S.O.T.A .CFM 750 Main Monitors (Powered by Bryston and Crown)
Dynaudio BM6A's
Event 20/20 Near Fields


Personal headphone stations providing custom "mixing" for each musician.

Fostex T-20 Headphones
Various Sennheisers

Effects Processors

Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM 70
Lexicon 200
EMT Stereo 140 Plate Reverb
Yamaha Rev 7
Yamaha SPX 90 II
TC Electronics 2290
Eventide H3000SE
(2) Effectron 1024's
Korg SDD 2000
Systech Stereo Phase Shifter


(2) Neve 1073's
(3) API 550B
(2) API 560B Graphic's
(10) 550B's in a "VR Rack" # 3 * call to reserve
(1) API 550A
Focusrite Red 2
Avalon VT-737
NTI EQ3 Stereo Equalizer
ITI Dual three band parametric

Psychoacoustic Exciters

Barcus Berry 822A Exciter
Aphex C Exciters


(2) Neve 1073's
(4) API 512B's
(4) API 512C's
Avalon Stereo VT-737
Demeter Stereo Tube
Focusrite Red 7 Compressor/De-esser/Micpre

Compressors / Limiters / Gates / De-essers

Neve 33609C Stereo Comp/Limiter
Summit Stereo Tube DCL 200 Comp/Limiter
Manley MU Stereo Tube Comp/Limiter
Urei LA2A Mono Tube Comp/Limiter
Avalon VT-737
Urei 1176N Comp/Limiter
(2) DBX 160X Comp/Limiters
DBX 166 Comp/Limiter
(2) DBX 902 De-esser
Orban 516EC De-esser
(3) Kepex II Gates
SSL Gates/Comp/Limiters


* Several microphones below may be shared with other rooms, please call with adequate advance notice to reserve

AKG C-24 Stereo Tube
Neumann M-149 Tube
Neumann M-147 Tube
Neumann U-47 Tube
(4) Neumann U-87's
(2) Neumann KM-86's
(4) Neumann KM-184's
(4) Royer 121 Ribbons
(2) Placid Audio "Copperphones"
AKG SolidTube
AKG 414e
(2) AKG 414b TL II's
(2) AKG 451's
(2) Coles Ribbon 4038's
Sennheiser 441
(2) Sennheiser 421's
(10) Beyer M-201's
Sennheiser MD-409
(2) Electro Voice RE-20's
Electro Voice PL-20
Sennheiser E602
Sony ECM-33F
(6) SM-57's
Rode Classic

Instruments / Keyboards / Sequencers / Samplers / Software

 Shared with other studios, please contact studio manager with adequate advance notice to reserve specific below gear

Yamaha C6 Conservatory Grand Piano

New! Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head

DW 6 piece Drum Kit

Yamaha 5-pc. Recording Series Drum Kit
Selection of Zildjian Cymbals
  Korg Triton Keyboard
Yamaha Motif - 6 Keyboard
Nord Lead 2 Keyboard
Roland JV 1080 Module
Korg O1W Keyboard
Korg M1 Rack Module
MicroMoog Synthesizer
Akai MPC 3000 Drum Machine/Stereo Sampler
New! Bogner Ecstacy Amp Head
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Three Channel Head
Marshall 100 Watt Head
(2) Marshall Four Way Cabinets
Marshall JCM-800 Guitar Amplifier
 Vox AC 30 Guitar Amplifier
Valvco Supra extremely vintage combo amp/cabinet
Roland JC 120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier
Gretsch Electromatic Bo Diddley Electric Guitar
Fantastic sounding vintage Fender Jazz Bass
Yamaha acoustic guitar
Guild Electric Bass
MacIntosh MacPro

Audio/Video Synchronizers, Video Decks and Monitors

MicroLynx Synchronizers
Panasonic SVHS AGDS-550 Video Deck w/Timecode
Sony 29" Professional Video Monitor

Sound Effects / Music Tracks

The Hollywood Edge Premiere Editions SFX
The Hollywood Edge ATX Editions SFX
Authentic Sound Effects Library
Network Library Music Tracks
Omni Library Music Tracks
In-House Custom Music Composing

Lounge Amenities

HBO Satellite Cable
DVD Player
Large TV
Starbucks Coffee
Nestles' Hot Chocolate
Microwave, Refrigerator & Bar Sink
Bistro Cafe Seating
An array of Teas, Sweeteners & Honey, Hot Sauces and other Singer Necessities
Comfortable Seating
Arrangements for Meal Pickups by our Staff

109 Park Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046


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