Studio R
  An impressive, comfortable, great sounding studio - with a world class control room!



Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and Sheryl Crow recording with Wounded Warriors.


Neumann's newest tube mic, the M147

$80/hr for each ten hour purchase
$850 for 24 hour lockouts
(Lockouts provide 10 hours of studio time)

All rates Include a recording engineer    703/532-9033


(10) API 550b EQ's and (10) API 512c Micpres

Brilliant acoustics

Three isolation booths

A balcony recording area

Comfortable mezzanine lounge with glass windows overlooking studio

Private restroom   

Audio Recorders
Pro Tools HD3 10.2 Recording System
with tons of xtensive third party plug-ins!

Studer A827 2" analog tape recorder


Focal Twin6Be's
Yamaha NS10m's
Urei 809's (Studio playback moni

Control Room monitoring path by
Dangerous Audio


New! Custom "mixable" 12 channel headphone stations
(provides each musician with their own headphone station
allowing control of individual instrument levels, pans, EQ and volumes!
Also direct talkbalk functions to control room and other
musicians wearing headphones.)
Fostex T-20's

Effects Processors

TC Electronics MI Digital Rerverb / Multi-ettects processor
Lexicon 200
Yamaha SPX 90
Yamaha Rev 7
Effectron Delay


(10) API 550B's
GML (George Massenburg Labs) 8200
Avalon VT-737


(10) API 512C's
(4) Daking
Manley VoxBox (call to reserve)
(2) Neve 1073's *call to reserve
(4) Focusrite Red Range
(4) Focusrite ISA

Compressors / Limiters / Gates / De-essers

Summit Stereo Tube DCL 200 Comp/Limiter
Empirical Labs Distressor
Manley VoxBox
Focusrite Red 7 Compressor/De-esser/Micpre
Urei 1176N Comp/Limiter


* Several microphones below may be shared with other rooms, please call with adequate advance notice to reserve

AKG C-24 Stereo Tube
Neumann M-149 Tube
Neumann M-147 Tube
Neumann U-47 Tube
(3) Neumann U-87's
(2) Neumann KM-86's
(4) Neumann KM-184's
(4) Royer 121 Ribbons
(2) Placid Audio "Copperphones"
AKG SolidTube
AKG 414e
(2) AKG 414b TL II's
(2) AKG 451's
(2) Coles Ribbon 4038's
Sennheiser 441
(2) Sennheiser 421's
(6) Beyer M-201's
Sennheiser MD-409
(3) Sennheiser Drum Edition
(5) Audix Drum Edition
Electro Voice PL-20
Sennheiser E602
Sony ECM-33F
(6) SM-57's
Rode Classic

Instruments / Keyboards / Sequencers / Samplers / Software

* Shared with other studios, please contact studio manager with adequate advance notice to reserve specific below gear


Yamaha 5-pc. Recording Series Drum Kit
Ludwig 5-pc. Drum Kit
Selection of Zildjian Cymbals
  Korg Triton Keyboard
 Yamaha Motif - 6 Keyboard
Nord Lead 2 Keyboard
Korg O1W Keyboard
MicroMoog Synthesizer
Hammond M3 Organ / Leslie Cabinet
Marshall 100 Watt Head
New! Bogner Ecstacy Amp Head
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Three Channel Head
(2) Marshall Four Way Cabinets
Marshall JCM-800 Guitar Amplifier
Vox AC 30 Guitar Amplifier
Valvco Supra
Roland JC 120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier
Gretsch Electromatic Bo Diddley Electric Guitar
Yamaha acoustic guitar
Fender Jazz Bass
Guild Electric Bass
Too many professional audio processor plugins to list. 
Please call for a current list.

Audio/Video Synchronizers, Video Decks and Monitors

MicroLynx Synchronizers
Digidesign Sync

Lounge Amenities

Microwave and Refrigerator
Comfortable Couch


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