Studio C
A Pro Tools
Digital Studio for Artists,Songwriters and Narration.

Comfortable ~ Professional ~ Affordable

$55.00 per hour
Only $50/hr for each ten hour purchase
Both rates Include a staff recording engineer



Studio C's Standard Rate  includes FREE assistance with digital sequencing, midi programming, and creating drum tracks/beats.

Call the studio manager, Dusty, to schedule a free meeting to tour Studio C and discuss your project!

703 532 9033


Characterized by a warm, cozy vibe and great sound, Studio C is home to the independent musician.  Singer/songwriters and solo artists love "C" for its intimate setting, which allows musicians to concentrate on being creative, as opposed to being intimidated and the engineer is thus able to tailor the entire atmosphere around the needs of artists, so they can relax, and be their best.

Studio C is geared around a hot-rodded Pro Tools digital recording system loaded with software plug-ins, and accented with terrific mics, great mic preamps, and various other high quality pieces of outboard gear (see equipment list).  As the recording engineer, he or she knows what it's like being on "both sides of the glass" and will strive to make your experience comfortable and stress free.

Your music never sounded so good!  Enjoy the rich, vintage sound of Neve equalizers and micpreamps.  The classic, legendary British tone for instruments and vocals.
in Studio "C":

Great Gear and a incredibly talented engineer make all the difference! 

For a crystal clear, brilliant quality acoustic guitar or vocal recording, we also have the incredible Millennia STT-1

Whether artists are making first time demos, or recording a full length album/CD, our engineers will guide you through the project with patience, vision, and of course, great musical sounds.   To meet with the engineer for a free consultation, simply call 703 532 9033 and ask for Dusty


Please call to schedule a free tour and hear a Studio
C demo.

109 Park Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046

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