Studio B
A powerful mixing studio with premier vocal & instrument recording

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$70.00 per hour
$65/hr for each ten hour purchase
$750 for 24 hour lockouts
(Lockouts provide 10 hours of studio time)

Both rates Include a staff recording engineer
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Pro Tools HD3   ◄►  Talented Engineers   ◄►   World Class Audio Gear

Studio B is an advanced mixing room using Pro Tools HD3
and a Digidesign C/24 control surface. Mixing engineers
 and producers are quite at home in this high tech
environment.  It's a professional choice for
 instrument recording, A/V sweetening,
vocal tracking, narration tracking,
 and electronic composing.
Stop by for a free tour!

Rates for current recording packages.

Great sounding acoustics for tracking instruments and vocals.  Studio B
is a powerful and efficient room for mixing, recording,  sequencing,
arranging, and sampling to digital formats.  It is also ideal for
custom soundtracks, sound effects, and narration
recording. You can also record and mix to Pro
Tools while viewing sync locked video.

The new and advanced Digidesign C/24 Mixing Control Surface
is used for efficient monitoring of our Pro Tools HD3 8.0 system.
Professional music mixing and audio/video mix to picture.

Audio Recorders

Digidesign ProTools  HD3 10.2 Recording System
(The Premier Digital Recording System)
w/ProTools plug-ins by Focusrite, Teletronix, Pultec, Melodyne, Antares Auto Tune,
Waves, Fairchild, TC, Soundtoys, Bomb Factory, Line 6, etc...

Studer A810 2-Track Analog Recorder


Genelec 1031A's
Dynaudio BM6A's


New! Furman HD6 Headphone Stations - great sound and flexibility.
Fostex T-20 Headphones

Effects Processors

Lexicon 200 Digital Reverberator
TC Electronics M1 Digital Effects Processor
Yamaha Rev 7 Digital Effects Processor
TC Electronics Finalizer II
Effectron 1024 Delay/Doubler
Roland Phase Shifter


Focusrite Red 2 Stereo Equalizer

NTI EQ3-D Stereo Equalizer
(10) API 550B's in "VR Rack" # 3 * call to reserve
API 550B (stand alone)


API 512Bs
New Manley VoxBox Micpre/EQ/compressor
Demeter Stereo Tube

Compressors / Limiters / Gates / De-essers

Manley MU Stereo Tube Comp/Limiter
TC Electronics Digital Finalizer II
DBX 166 Comp/Limiters
DBX 160X Com/Limiter


(Shared with Studio "A", please call with advance notice to reserve when available)

AKG C-24 Stereo Tube
Neumann M-149 Tube
Neumann U-47 Tube
Neumann M-147 Tube
(3) Neumann U-87's
(2) Neumann KM-86's
(2) Placid Audio "Copperphones"
(2) AKG 414b TL II
AKG 414e
AKG SolidTube
(2) AKG 451's
(2) Coles Ribbon 4038's
Sennheiser 441
(2) Sennheiser 421's
(5) Beyer M-201's
Sennheiser MD-409
(2) Electro Voice RE-20's
Electro Voice PL-20
Sony ECM-33F
(6) SM-57's
Rode Classic

Instruments / Keyboards / Sequencers / Samplers

(Shared with other studios, call to schedule and reserve)

  Korg Triton
 Yamaha Motif - 6 Keyboard
Nord Lead 2 Keyboard
Roland JV 1080 Module
Korg O1W Keyboard
Marshall 100 Watt Head
Marshall Four Way Cabinet
Marshall JCM-800 Guitar Amplifier
Roland JC 120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier
Fender Jazz Bass

Audio / Video Synchronizers and Video Decks

Shared with Studio A

Sound Effects / Music Tracks

The Hollywood Edge Premiere Editions SFX
The Hollywood Edge ATX Editions SFX
Authentic Sound Effects Library
Network Library Music Tracks
Omni Library Music Tracks

Lounge Amenities

TV / WiFi / Cable
Starbucks Coffee
Nestles' Hot Chocolate
Microwave, Refrigerator & Bar Sink
Bistro Café Seating
An Array of Teas, Sweeteners & Honey, Hot Sauces and other Singer Necessities

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109 Park Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046

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