The Red Room Studio and Producer Package.
Jim Ebert

A proven combination for bands & artists serious about their music. 
Call for a free meeting with Jim in The Red Room to discuss your project.

Full ten hour studio/producer package - Normally $1,500

The studio/producer package provides Jim as your producer,
a Cue engineer, and all the studio gear and instruments
 that are offered in The Red Room.

Various artist's on Jim's client list:



Jim and Cue have made several platinum records working together as a team.

"Working with Jim is the best time and most laughs in the studio ever, and I always learn something new. He believed in me when I had no one and took a chance on me by helping me make a record that would shape my entire career as a producer. Jim, you are the wind beneath my wings ;-)"

Butch Walker-producer/artist

"Producer Jim Ebert is able to take our rough demos (sometimes very rough) and original ideas and transform them into complete thoughts with a modern, relevant sound, all in an unintimidating and fun atmosphere with Jim in Cue's Red Room.  His musical sensibility and production know-how lets us trust him so we can focus on our own performances, knowing the final product will be great." 

Lena Esposito-Jukebox Serenade

"We had a blast working with Ebert. From pre-production all the way down to mixing, he exceeded all of our expectations. We felt that he really immersed himself in our tracks and heard sounds we never would've thought to put in to our songs."

 Jim Fanale-Citizen

"Jim Ebert is the guy to go to if you're serious about getting your music from where it is to where it needs to be. He's just one of those guys who really understands what makes rock, well... rock."

Akef Hadar-Punch Drunk Poets

Producer Jim Ebert and Cue's Red Room...
 A winning combination!

Additional production assistance including rehearsal visitations, composing,
at-home consultation, etc., is generally available for nominal fees. 

Feel free to discuss this during your meeting with Jim.

Great Sound. Great Rate.


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